For a variety of reasons, many women find themselves unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts. Breast enlargement surgery, also referred to as breast augmentation, is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery operation in the world.


Having breast implants inserted can not only give you a larger chest, but it can even out breasts that are two different sizes, as well being able to restore volume which gives a perkier, more youthful look.

Breast enlargement surgery

Breast enlargement surgery is a procedure which takes between one and two hours and is performed under general anaesthetic. First, an incision will be made underneath your breast (although it may be around the nipple or in the armpit), as near to the breast fold as possible so that the scars will be hidden by the natural fold of your breasts. Your surgeon will place the implants either underneath your breast glands or underneath both your glands and your pectoral muscles. During the consultation phase you and your surgeon will work out which placement method best suits your needs; generally those women with a fair amount of pre-existing breast tissue (a B cup or above) will find a sub glandular placement fine, whereas women with less tissue are best served by implants placed under the muscle, as this makes for a more natural look. Some women are able to go home the same day while others remain in hospital overnight, depending on what time of day your operation takes place.

Recovery after surgery

After your return home, you will need at least a week off work to recuperate. For the first week or so, you will not be able to lift your arms above body height, so reaching for food, drinks and anything else you might need may prove tricky. For this reason, it really helps if there is someone around to look after you, or at least to leave any items you might need out for you. Your surgeon will give you some painkillers such as co-codamol and paracetamol to take home, and these should take care of any post-op pain. It is important that you support your chest while it’s healing by wearing a sports bra.

This treatment is offered by our surgical cosmetic clinic, Bristol Plastic Surgery. You can read more about breast enlargement on their website.