Breast uplift surgery is something many women think about but they are often misinformed on the subject. Having breast uplift surgery can improve confidence, build self-esteem and help many women to feel more youthful.

Breast uplift surgery does not increase or decrease the size of your breasts. The procedure will only lift your breasts, resulting in a firmer appearance. If your breasts are sagging or drooping but you’re happy with their size, breast uplift surgery could give you the appearance you’re looking for. Sagging can often be a result of childbirth. Many mothers find that their breast size reduces and excess skin is left behind after breastfeeding. Many women’s breasts will drop due to the ageing process.

Breast uplift surgery

This surgery will tighten the skin, lift and reposition the nipple and restore firmness and shape both with and without your bra. You can have your surgery in Bristol, in top-class facilities and with a specialist surgeon and our dedicated plastic surgery team around you.

If you intend to go ahead with surgery, it’s important to do it at the right time. For example, if you plan to start a family after having the surgery, you’ll likely find that your breasts change shape and size, and results achieved with the surgery could be lost. Similarly, if you’re using the surgery as a way of changing your life because you’re unhappy, it may not be the answer.

Preparing for your surgery

You’ll be told what you need to do to prepare for your surgery. You may be asked to stop smoking or stop taking certain medications. You’ll also be told what to bring with you for your surgical appointment and what you can expect from your recovery time. Recovery times will vary, but you’ll need plenty of rest.


General anaesthetic – from £6,823

This treatment is offered by our surgical cosmetic clinic, Bristol Plastic Surgery. You can read more about breast uplift on their website.