Our surgeons aim to ensure the best treatment for all types of skin cancer, using whatever modality is most appropriate, in the most timely manner. To meet this objective we work in close association with Dermatologists and Oncologists to provide a coordinated and comprehensive treatment program that is effective, efficient and aesthetic.

We provide:

  • Extensive experience in the visual diagnosis and the use of technical diagnostic aids.
  • Accurate pathological diagnosis and evidence of clearance.
  • Adequate surgery without overtreatment.
  • Aesthetic outcomes that avoid the need for secondary treatment.
  • Complex more extensive surgery if this required.

Unconstrained by limitations of the surgical technique, the healing art of plastic surgery can be tailored, without compromise, to obtain an accurate diagnosis, provide adequate treatment and restore function.

We benefit from a close association with the Skin Cancer Service in the NHS where Mr Antonio Orlando is the Chair of The Specialist Skin Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Committee (MDT) in North Bristol Trust. He is also the North Bristol Trust (NBT) Lead Clinician for Skin Oncology.

This treatment is offered by our surgical cosmetic clinic, Bristol Plastic Surgery. You can read more about skin cancer treatment on their website.