Liposuction is a procedure when excess fat is sucked out of your body using a small canula. It is a technique that is safe and relatively pain-free.

As people get older, shifting fat becomes increasingly difficult, even with plentiful exercise and a good diet.  Liposuction is not a means of managing obesity but if you have your weight under control and are pursuing that healthy lifestyle but are still troubled by unsightly bulges then seek a consultation with one of our surgeons.

The liposuction procedure

A number of techniques can be used when it comes to liposuction, such as injecting the fat with a saline solution containing adrenaline, and the use of ultrasonic liposuction machines. However, the key method involves a small, blunt-tipped tube that is inserted into the body via tiny cuts, with carefully-selected fat deposits subsequently sucked out.


Generally, patients recover very quickly. Most people find that they are able to return to work within two or three days, while they are usually able to partake in more strenuous activities – swimming or tennis, for example – after approximately two weeks. You will be advised to wear a pressure garment for 6-8 weeks after liposuction of the body and limbs.


 from £4,850

This treatment is offered by our surgical cosmetic clinic, Bristol Plastic Surgery. You can read more about liposuction on their website.